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Dance As One

Dance As One
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Monday, July 27, 2009

My Works

This blog shows some Synopses of my Novels, such as Ice Stage and "Sensuousness" A Palindrome Wor(l)d, also my Memoirs and Articles for adults, and Picture Books, poetry and plays for both children and adults to stimulate healthy and creative views. The adults might have as much fun reading my books for kids as the children will have watching the grown-ups having fun. I've always had a photographic memory that I've tried to develop.
As a writer, dancer, illustrator and choreographer I try to capture the same image I have on my mind's eye to translate it into words. I've been also quite optic-mystic and even my blood type tells me so :I'm a B-positive! I translated and illustrated a magazine entitled "Magia" published by Editora Ondas. I just found out that I had dyslexia before I went to school, after reviewing an old notebook where I wrote all numbers backward, such as Leonardo Da Vinci! And it seems that this latent talent runs on the family: my five-yrs-old nephew also writes his name backwards. But my love for words had me working hard to develop language skills. Maybe thanks to all my efforts to eventually overcome my deficiencies that I could see things usually in an unusual way, making my wor^l^d so peculiar. My books are unique for they come from my heart, my own life experience that I cherish and try to share it with the readers. I made my d├ębut in the theater when I was fifteen in the Opera Carmina Burana at the Opera House of Sao Paulo. Since then I've been on TV commercials, Soap Operas, Interviews, TV programs, Cinema, Magazines, Newspapers and recently at the Theatre and TVCable. I plan to create choreographies and dramatization of my stories, to be performed by all age groups. Since I will continue my career as an instructor, as a model/act-hlete, and author, Dance&Theatre should enhance my work.

Hope you enjoy my works as much as I enjoy creating. One of my books is now in the hands of a Canadian editor at Devine Destinies. And what a devine destiny that is!

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