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Dance As One

Dance As One
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Tuesday, August 4, 2009


"A lovely dream the Universe that is!
And I wish we can all be part of this.
I can only ask if I could possibly share
my dreams with you so much I should dare.

While I chant it, so enchanted I sigh..
And I hoped you too might feel all right.
I wish we may all be as light as feather.
Imagine us as a ball full of light I'd rather.

Here I leave my humble song,
Hope you feel it all along...
Lights are the days to come and go,
For blessed and loved we all are so.

This is not a Druid poetry or chant,
But I do the best I can. Or can't!"
(A sonnet by Ana C. Antunes)

"You make me flip-flop, you make me fly,
You make me tip-top, up in the sky
and there to lie and from there to drop.
There where my freedom no one would stop.

You make me float right through your eyes...
You make me pass throughout your vice. (repeat)
How beautiful is your nature in velvet ground!
I see the sun smiling up high when you are around...
I see the light right into the core of your brow." (repeat)
Song by Ana ´nTunes

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