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Dance As One

Dance As One
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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"Photos of Thoughts"

There once was a girl who wished she could know the secret of the Sea and all the mysteries of the Universe. Every day the girl would look outside her window to see the sun rising on the ocean. She then went to search for the secret. Some said it was possible to hear the secret on a seashell. So the girl put the shell near her ear. But she heard nothing at all. Others said she could hear the ocean while waiting the sunset. She would be able to hear the secret of the sea, right into that magical moment when the sun softly touches the horizon and melts into the ocean. So she waited. But again, in vain, she could not hear a thing.

But in the sea she could see a boat floating. She observed and saw that inside that boat there lied another girl. She saw the girl was crying. And she realized that the girl was her own self. And she felt. She felt the taste of her own tears. Just then she was able to care. And she saw that the secret of the great Sea... had always been within.

"Photos of Thoughts" by Ana Antunes available at: http://www.lulu.com/content/119873

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